Dedicated to the Genealogy of the Langstraats of the World.

If you have any input to this section, please email it to us ASAP.  We still need lots of dates of birth, death, and marriage.  Also locations for these events.  We need lots of data on Heijndrik Cornelisz Langstraet's ancestors and descendents (note the spelling change on "Langstraet").  Please help and send what you know.  Check out what is here now.

We still have lots of data to add that was provided to us by Kristen Langstraat.  It will be added a little at a time.  Here is what Kristen sent so you can look at it until I have time to add it to the official database.  Thanks Kristen!!

This is the current genealogy report of all the known descendents of Hendrik Langstraat (does not yet include all data from above reports).
Genealogy Report

This is a full report as stored on
Langstraat on   (Select 'Book: Langstraats')

Check it out and let me know any errors, corrections and new information.


Email to Kristy R. Langstraat.